Friday, November 21, 2003

VoIP: Next Revolution

Have you ever heard of paying someone for not doing the work?? my telephone company (telco) charges me $2/month for 'not' publishing my phone no. Annoyed by such and other exorbitant charges (caller id, call waiting etc) charged by the telco's. I started looking for alternatives and found one. Vonage is a company which offers telephony services over broadband (VoIP). All you need is a Cable or DSL.

A few days back, I signed up for Vonage and yesterday received my motorola voice terminal adapter. Within few mins, the phone was up and running. Initially I had an issue with incoming calls which was resolved by Vonage in couple of hours. It has excellent voice quality and no delays.

What do I like about vonage? Apart from numerous free features (caller id, call waiting, voicemail), The feature I find very attractive are
1. Fixed Low monthly fees
2. Low international rates
3. Online account management. This is my favorite as I can now manage my phone bills.
4. Refer-a-friend: Another favorite. Refering a friend gives both you and your friend a month of free service and helps keep advertising costs low for Vonage. You have to be an existing member in order to refer a friend.
5. Vonage-to-Vonage calls are free, both in US and internationally

Yes! 911 dialing is available. Please make sure to read the details though.

So if you are interested why not signup?? send me an email at to get your 2nd month free.


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