Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Anger Management

We all have had it. So how do we control it? This article throws some light on controlling the anger emotion.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Real Life Satellite Images in Navigation reports
Flyover Technologies , an Israeli firm that specializes in rendering satellite photographs as fully interactive 3D images. Flyover is working with Japanese car companies on creating next-generation navigation systems that will integrate street maps with actual satellite images
To see a demo-click on the movie option on the Kenwood page to see the system in action. In Japanese cars, this will include full-country satellite images in all four seasons. “Why just look at a map,” asks Isaac Levanon, Flyover’s Chairman & CEO, “when you can see the actual terrain as well?”

VoIP: Next Revolution

Have you ever heard of paying someone for not doing the work?? my telephone company (telco) charges me $2/month for 'not' publishing my phone no. Annoyed by such and other exorbitant charges (caller id, call waiting etc) charged by the telco's. I started looking for alternatives and found one. Vonage is a company which offers telephony services over broadband (VoIP). All you need is a Cable or DSL.

A few days back, I signed up for Vonage and yesterday received my motorola voice terminal adapter. Within few mins, the phone was up and running. Initially I had an issue with incoming calls which was resolved by Vonage in couple of hours. It has excellent voice quality and no delays.

What do I like about vonage? Apart from numerous free features (caller id, call waiting, voicemail), The feature I find very attractive are
1. Fixed Low monthly fees
2. Low international rates
3. Online account management. This is my favorite as I can now manage my phone bills.
4. Refer-a-friend: Another favorite. Refering a friend gives both you and your friend a month of free service and helps keep advertising costs low for Vonage. You have to be an existing member in order to refer a friend.
5. Vonage-to-Vonage calls are free, both in US and internationally

Yes! 911 dialing is available. Please make sure to read the details though.

So if you are interested why not signup?? send me an email at to get your 2nd month free.

Preventing swimming pool accidents

Every year, there are numerous deaths in swimming pools around the world which can be prevented. While lifeguards are deployed at most public pools, things can get tricky on a busy day. The most important part of saving a drowning victim is to begin resuscitation within 30 secs. Few secs can be a difference between life and death.
The Poseidon system, a drowning detection system, made by Vision IQ Inc, uses that links underwater cameras to a computer that analyzes movement. Poseidon helps lifeguards monitor what is happening in the pool, maintaining vigilance, and alerting them in seconds to a swimmer in trouble. Very noble idea, I must say.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Dirty Dining

Fast food chains have become a integral part of our daily routine. We love the convinence, ubiquityand ofcourse the food. But have you ever thought about your own safety when eating at these restaurants? ever cared to check the restaurant health inspection report before dining at restaurant? Virtually no one has. This Dateline investigation unearths some dirty secrets which will make you take up cooking if you havent already.

Next time you decide to dine out, check out your local dept of health website. After checking out the Health inspection reports of some restaurants and fast food place I often visit, I have decided to change my dining habits for good.

Next time you find something objectionable, Please make complaint at your local Health Dept.
For e.g. Phoenix, AZ , Santa Clara, CA

Hundreds Of Identities Stolen At N.J. Job Fair

Hundreds of people looking for jobs at a New Jersey State-sponsored job fair provided their social security numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and $42 to criminals operating a multi-state scam. Interestingly enough, the criminals had apparently been working with the New Jersey Department of Labor --- the victims were people who had filed for unemployment benefits, according to this article on WNBC's website.

Origin of Octothorpe '#'

Did you know keys '*' and '#' on telephone keypad were added by bell labs for use in Data Applications like PBX? Did you know Octothorpe i.e.'#' was named after a person? This email from a ex-Bell employee explains it all.

Hilarious Thong Dance

Turn on your speakers and watch this (not obscene)

Monday, November 17, 2003

India's economy on rise

Extracted from an article from recent McKinsley Quaterly,
India's economy could be the fastest growing in the world....if its policy makers embraced a deeper, faster process of economic reform
Read more here (registration reqd)

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Today's Birthdays

If its your birthday, you would like to visit Yahoo's feature on Today's Birthdays. It has some interesting information on day's events including famous people born on that day. See it everyday.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Understanding the Matrix Timelines

This article from MSN explains the chronology of events that led to Matrix and where the trilogy picks up. Interesting read before watching the new release.

Monday, November 03, 2003

World's Front Pages

At this site you can view the 276 Today's front pages from 36 countries. You can also choose from the world map to view selected front pages. overall excellent site.