Thursday, October 23, 2003

Indian charities

Starting this year, Both me and my wife are thinking of making donations to charity, a regular phenomenon. Over past years, we have tired to support the causes that we feel are worthy in whatever way we can( Kargil conflict or 9/11 victims). Either via donating to charities or through blood drives. Since past few months, we have been contemplating donating to causes which can help avoid such situations. Most noteworthy efforts are in areas of education. We share the pool of thinkers who advocate education as the only holy grail which would help society prosper and bring about the peaceful world as we envision to be. Some of the charities that We came across

Asha for Education: My friend, Brij, brought this organization to my attention, when he was fund raising for them.
Child Relief and You

Please support the charities to bring about a change in our society in whatever way you can. Even a small donation of $20 ( ~ equal to one dinner for a family ) by thousands of us can help significantly educating kids in India (as 1 USD = 45.38 INR) or whatever other causes you see fit.

Please share your favorite charities and/or experiences ...


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