Wednesday, September 10, 2003

world's smallest and lightest camcorder

Extracted from's gadget watch newsletter.

The DCR-IP1K from Sony is the world's smallest and lightest
MICROMV camcorder. And the MICROMV tape is, yes, you guessed it, the
smallest camcorder tape in the world. With dimensions of 39x69x91mm
and weighing just 230g, it makes the DCR-IP1K a considerable 26
percent lighter and 30 percent smaller than the now fatty (or, in PC
terms, both vertically and horizontally challenged) DCR-IP7 model, so
the IP7's catwalk days are definitely over. For the gamblers amongst
you, Sony helpfully informs us that the DCR-IP1K is almost exactly
the same size as a regular playing card. They're calling it a "rump
size" camera.

The one-fifth inch CCD produces 1,070,000-pixel images, which boils
down to 690,000-pixel moving images or 1 million-pixel still pictures
in real life. The lens is one of those fancy Carl Zeiss efforts, with
a 10-times optical zoom allowing 35mm camera f-stop equivalents of
F1.8 to 2.3. There's also a Memory Stick Duo slot for recording still
images (up to 1,152x864 dots) or brief MPEG-1 movies. Connection
options include Composite, S-Video and USB/i.LINK. An NP-FF51 lithium
ion battery is included in the pack.

More info:

Price : 160,000 Japanese Yen ~ 1,400 US Dollar

I prefer the similar camcorder but which records to a DVD, can play mp3's, has 801.11b connection to send images over network with battery lasting more than 10 hrs :)


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