Monday, September 15, 2003

Privacy: a snake oil ?

While we zealously guard our privacy, we are knowingly giving away information about ourselves almost in all aspects of life. A few examples that came to mind
1. Grocery saving card like Safeway Club Card or Basha's Thank You Card : which monitor your every purchase patterns.
2. Digital Cable box or Tivo : monitoring your likes/dislikes
3. Phone Companies: Telcos monitor your calling patterns while with E911 wireless companies can soon monitor the places you visit
4. Each time you use your credit card at stores, you are establishing a physical presence in the area
5. Those free magazine surveys that you fill to save some money.
6. Phone numbers that you are asked when shopping at Linen n Things or Great Clips
7. Personal information that you are forced to give up when signing up for Utilities
8. Medical Records
and list goes on and on

Privacy is almost a 'snake oil' in Online world.
How much thought do you give when you are handing out your information? In this busy world, we just accept it as a part of life and move on. You dont have to. Reading this article Gaming Safeway Club Card has inspired me to find out more about how I can protect me and my family's privacy.
I will keep posting the information as I get my hands on it. Beware the big brother might be watching :)


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